Monday, July 23, 2012

Places to find used tiny house building materials and appliances

Locating second hand materials and building supplies for our tiny house is a treasure hunt of it's own. Although it's nice to walk down the isles of Home Depot and see all of the shiny new things you could take home right that instant, we are finding that it is much more satisfying for both our minds and wallets if we rescue used or leftover material and repupose it for our tiny house project.

Our wood flooring we found on craigslist for the tiny house!
1. Craigslist - So far we have had pretty good luck working with craigslist. We have sold multiple items from our large 'stuff' collection and we scored our beautiful wood floors from craigslist last weekend. We found someone who had bought bamboo flooring for their house and had leftover flooring. Bamboo is a fairly green material, solid as a rock (bamboo is a very hard wood, it will eat up saw blades, and can be difficult to nail), and since it was left over we bought it at a steal and saved it from going to the dump!

2. Habitat for Humanity Re-Store - If you aren't familiar with the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store they are basically goodwill type stores, but for appliances, building material, and home furnishings. The one in Tallahassee is slightly outside of town, but the folks that work there are so kind, they will give you a run down of their ever changing stock if you call - this has saved us gas for sure!

3. Marine Salvage suppliers - Tiny houses are often described as sailboats on land - but with wheels. Unfortunately some (not all) RV appliances are made for short term use - tailgating for the weekend, a week long campout, etc. - not for everyday all day rugged use so you have to research a lot about their quality. Sail boat appliances and other marine appliances are usually a much higher quality and made to stand up to rugged use, humidity, and everything the ocean can throw at you short of the loch ness monster. This quality is of course reflected in the wallet depleting prices, but as we live in Florida, a boating mecca, we have found several marine salvage places that we are keeping an eye on.

4. Ebay - We found our incinerating toilet on ebay surprisingly! Ebay is great for used household items, and for marine salvage items, but obviously the bigger the item, the more it costs to ship. I would rather not mention how much that toilet cost to get to us, it makes me wince a little.

5. Curb Alerts/free listings/ - Who doesn't love free stuff? These you really have to keep an eye on and put a lot of energy into sometimes, but hey the price can't be beat and these are the saves that are really helping to keep stuff out of the landfills.

6. Family and Friends - Know anyone building a house, or doing a remodel? They might have an extra sheet of plywood or two which may not seem like much to them, but hey that could be our whole kitchen wall!

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